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Windows 2016 Server and new product opsi-config-win10

With the new opsi-client-agent we support the installation from Windows Server 2016

We extended the 'opsi-Standard Products'

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opsi service release 4.0.7 stable

The main features of opsi 4.0.7 are the extended Linux-Support and the opsi Client Kiosk. Further more the release contains other new features and improvements.

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Release of WIM-Capture

uib releases the new WIM-Capture for faster installations

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opsi released for UCS 4.1 / opsi 4.0.6 available in Univention AppCenter

By simplifying automated deployment in UCS appcenter, installing opsi on a Univention Corporate Server (UCS) has become more comfortable.
The free version of opsi comes with the basic features such as automatic OS installation, software distribution/deployment and inventory.

For more information please visit: http://uib.de/en/opsi/opsi-4-ucs/

opsi service release 4.0.6 stable

With the opsi version 4.0.6 Windows 10 is supported.

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